Reclink Community Cup: Media v Musos

Emily Strong


With all the frenzy of the AFL and NRL grand finals over the weekend, it’s understandable if you missed a third great game that was played over the last week. Brisbane’s first ever Reclink Community Cup was held Sunday the 25th of September on the Pine Rivers Showground between The Rocking Horses and The Brisbane Lines. The two teams, made of musos and media respectively, joined last weekend for a fun spirited, but action packed football game for charity.

At the end of the day, after Reclink’s promise of “Bruises. Beers. [and] Buddies.” was fulfilled, the game was given to the Rocking Horses with a score of 8.9 (57) with the Brisbane Lines coming close with a final score of 7.9 (51).

“While the Rocking Horses won the game overall, I think, as lame as it sounds,  the real winner was the community” said game spectator Calliope Kirwan.


Rocking Horses huddle before the big game. 
Photo provided by Fleur Thérèse with permission

What is Reclink?

Reclink’s Community Cup has been running since 1993, but Sunday marked the first time Brisbane participated in this charity event. Reclink is a Melbourne based charity who’s mission statement is “Rebuilding lives through sport and arts” and supports the lives of disadvantaged Australians through a partnership of music and sport.

Reclink provides support networks for individuals and families who are experiencing hardship or disability and have several Australia-wide programs including ‘Work Readiness’ courses, training and education for disadvantaged individuals and an index of sports and activities in local communities which provides access for all abilities including choirs and sport programs. To support Reclink, and find out more you can visit


The Players

The Community Cup teams were made up of members of the Brisbane music and media scene.

Captained by Xavier Poropat from Brisbane band Eat Laser, and managed by Adele Wessell and Eric Evans; the Rocking Horses were made up of Brisbane music royalty, including musos from Doozy Daze, Flangipanis, Nova Scotia, Scabz and The Ring-Ins. You can check out some of the player’s music below.


And captained by Triple J’s Stephen Stockwell and managed by 4ZZZ’s Michelle Brown and Q Music’s Michelle Padovan. The Brisbane Lines team featured media from Fox Sport Australia, Double J, The Music and Brisbane community radio station 4ZZZ. Dylan Walker, 4ZZZ media personality who played for Brisbane Lines said “it’s great that Brisbane can finally participate in such a great charity event.”

Brisbane politicians also joined in the fun with Labor senator Anthony Chisholm fighting bravely for the Brisbane Lions and Labor senator Murray Watt playing for the Rocking Horses. The game got so heated that Chisholm broke one of his fingers during that game, but he confirms he will make a full recovery and be back to playing in no time.







Event Coverage

The whole event was broadcast live from 4ZZZ’s new outdoor broadcast desk and you can listen to the podcast here.

As always, twitter and facebook were going wild during the match.





“Reclink is a really important cause” said former 4ZZZ personality and current journalist for ‘The Chronicle’ Anton Rose. “Community Cup is a fun way for the music and media industries to get involved in a charity that helps so many.”

“Events like this raise money for underprivileged people by helping with food, medical, and clothing needs” said Brisbane Lines player Dylan Walker, “I’m proud to be part of this event.”

The Reclink Community Cup is held annually across Australia, and while they lost this year, the Brisbane Lines are confident that they will make a triumphant return in 2017 to take back the cup.